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Create Your First Campaign

Follow our step-by-step guide to create your first monitoring campaign. 

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1. Choose your keywords

Each CrowdValence campaign starts by finding posts containing one or more keywords you specify. If you’re not sure of what keyword(s) to track, good starting points include:

  • Your brand name
  • Your major competitors’ brand name(s) 
  • The products/services you provide
  • Any other keywords commonly used by posts similar to those you want to be notified of

To evaluate whether a keyword is a good fit, try searching for it on Reddit. If you find a high ratio of relevant posts, add those keywords as well.

You can add multiple keywords to a single campaign by separating them with commas. Multiple keyword campaigns will find posts containing any 1 or more of the keywords 

2. Set up basic filters

CrowdValence lets you filter out posts based on a number of options. 

  1. Negative keywords: Posts containing these keywords will be filtered out. If you want to exclude posts containing certain keywords or phrases (e.g. “Apple pie” if you wanted to find posts about Apple the company), simply add them to your negative keywords list.
  2. Activity Filters: If you’d like to only see posts with a certain amount of likely viewership, set minimum upvote, comment, or subreddit subscriber counts. Posts below these values will be excluded. 
3. Set up AI filters

If you require more complex filtering that can’t be accomplished with keyword or activity filters alone, try our AI Filters. AI Filters allow you to set the criteria for posts you want to be notified of, or have response suggestions generated for. 

Simply select Filter Posts under AI Filters and describe the kind of posts you’d like this campaign to find. CrowdValence will then give each post a Relevance score from 0-100 (based on how relevant it is to your description). 

Scores are used to rank posts sent to you. You can also filter out posts below a certain Relevance score.

As with all filters, we recommend setting a minimum Relevance Score only after you’ve seen real posts to determine the best level for your specific needs. 

4. Adjust your campaign at any time

If you want to add, remove, exclude, or otherwise change your keywords or anything else, simply edit your campaign from the Dashboard

We recommend keeping your campaigns broad to start, then adding filters if you start getting posts that aren’t relevant. That way you can be sure your filters aren’t overly restrictive. For example, if you want to find posts from buyers of Apple products, but get too many posts about Apple pie or Apple’s stock, you can use negative keywords like “stock” or exclude subreddits like r/food or r/investing. 

Guides and Sample Campaigns

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