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Using CrowdValence to Filter Reddit Posts

This post is part of a series of guides demonstrating how to create CrowdValence campaigns for various use cases. In this guide, we’ll walk through CrowdValence’s filtering options to show you how you can find only the Reddit posts that are relevant to you.

CrowdValence makes it easy to track and monitor Reddit for posts relevant to your specific goals. Unlike other keyword monitoring and social listening tools, CrowdValence offers advanced filters designed specifically for Reddit. These include quantitative and qualitative filters designed to help you get notified of only the posts relevant to you.

Keyword Filters


CrowdValence lets you specify one or more keywords, and will track all posts including those keywords that meet your other specifications. For example, you can track multiple competitors’ names if you’re looking for posts describing experiences with your competitors.

Negative Keywords

CrowdValence also lets you exclude posts that contain specific keywords. For example, if you’d like to find posts about Apple that aren’t related to the stock, you can exclude Apple’s stock ticker AAPL, “stock”, and “investing.”

Quantitative Filters for Reddit Posts

Post Activity Filters

CrowdValence lets you filter for only posts above a certain number of upvotes or comments. This allows you to find posts that are likely to reach larger numbers of viewers and commenters.

Subreddit Filters

CrowdValence lets you filter for posts only in specific subreddits. If instead you’d like to monitor for posts in communities larger than a certain size, you can set a Minimum Subscriber filter. This can be useful to filter out posts in subreddits that don’t reach many readers.

Qualitative and Contextual Filters

Beyond our basic Reddit post filters, CrowdValence lets you describe and filter for exactly the kinds of posts that are relevant to you. We then use AI to check each post for its qualitative relevance based on your specifications. For example, you could specify that you want to be notified of posts from customers looking for support with your product.

Have Further Questions?

We’re still in Beta, and constantly developing new features requested by our users. If you have questions about how to use CrowdValence for your use case, or a specific feature that would improve your workflow, feel free to get in touch here.

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