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Sales and Lead Generation

This post is part of a series of guides demonstrating how to create CrowdValence campaigns for various use cases. In this guide, we’ll create a campaign to find leads likely to be interested in purchasing a product or service.

For this guide, we’ll use Adyen as our example company. Our example goal will be finding leads likely to be interested in payment processing services like those offered by Adyen. Adyen is not affiliated with CrowdValence, and is used here as an example to demonstrate a campaign with real Reddit posts.

The end result will be a campaign which monitors for posts likely to be potential customers for Adyen. When relevant leads are found, it notifies us of them as shown below.

Choosing Initial Keywords

Because our goal is primarily to find new leads, rather than existing Adyen customers, we’ll use a range of non-branded keywords here. This will help us find posts from people who might not already be aware of Adyen. Specifically, we’ll use the following:

"eCommerce payments","payment gateway","Stripe issues","Square API","Adyen solutions","online payment processing",Adyen

Like with our previous marketing and brand awareness campaign, these include our best-known competitors’ names. We’ll also use non-branded phrases like “payment processing,” wrapped in quotes to include posts using that or very similar phrases rather than just “payment” for example.

Negative Keywords

Because we’ve chosen relatively specific keywords, we won’t set any negative keywords to start. If we start noticing irrelevant posts that contain certain keywords later on, we can add those keywords to our Negative Keywords list for the campaign. This will exclude posts that include those keywords.

Name and Description

The Name field tells CrowdValence who this campaign is for, in this case Adyen. Specifically, Name should include who is the end user of the Filter. If we turn on Suggest Replies, CrowdValence will suggest replies that Adyen could make to each post.

Under Description, we’ll give CrowdValence some context on Adyen and its features to help it understand which posts are more or less relevant. If we turn on Suggest Replies, this will also help CrowdValence decide what to include in those replies.

Subreddit Filters

Because payments are discussed on a wide variety of communities, we’ll leave all subreddits in our search initially. As with keywords, we can add specifics later based on the results we get once the campaign is live.

Contextual Filter Criteria

Next we’ll add some context for our Filter Criteria. This will tell CrowdValence the kinds of posts that we want to be notified about. CrowdValence will then check each post that matches our keywords and subreddits to see how relevant it is to our criteria.

Here, we’ll specify a few different kinds of posts we want to be notified of and give some context.

Suggest Replies

If we want to go beyond simply gathering leads and reply on the Reddit post, we can select Suggest Replies. Like the name suggests, this will suggest replies Adyen could make for posts where replying fits with their goals. After checking Suggest Replies, we’ll see an Ideas field where we can give greater context on the kinds of ideas we want suggested (and for what posts).

Here, we want to include information on what kinds of suggestions we want, which posts to suggest replies for, and specific features to highlight beyond what’s in our Description.

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