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Why Market on Reddit

Search interest by social media platform in the US.

Who Uses Reddit: Demographics and User Stats

Reddit is one of the largest and fastest growing social networks in the world, reaching over 430 million monthly active users across over one million communities. These communities cover nearly every audience and interest imaginable, and allow businesses to reach highly targeted audiences of potential customers.

When compared to other major social media platforms, Reddit’s users are relatively young, well educated, and higher income. Most notably, it skews heavily towards wealthy, English-speaking countries such as the US, UK, Canada and Australia, which make up over 70% of its monthly visitors.

How Reddit Works

Reddit is home to more than one million communities called subreddits. Users can make posts in those subreddits, which are then ranked by the votes of Reddit users who can vote them up or down. When a post reaches a certain level of upvotes, it starts climbing Reddit’s “front page” of the site’s top trending posts. Reddit’s front page reaches millions of people at any given time.

Users can post links (such as news articles, blog posts, or websites), images, video, or simple text posts to share or discuss anything that community is interested in. Other users can then comment on those posts, as well as share them to other communities both on and off the site.

Reddit’s community structure makes it uniquely valuable to businesses. Because it has so many strongly distinct communities, nearly any business can find a community that is truly passionate and influential in discussing their products. From AI to cosmetics, cybersecurity to gaming, and investing to clothing, Reddit has a community for everything.

Reddit’s Potential for Immediate Virality

Larger subreddits routinely attract millions and even tens of millions of daily visitors. As a result, a well crafted Reddit post can easily bring hundreds of thousands of highly targeted potential customers to your website. Besides driving sales, that boost in visibility can drive exponential growth as users who see the post on Reddit share it elsewhere.

Unlike Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, success on Reddit doesn’t require an established base of followers to spread your content. Even a single, well-crafted post from a new account can reach millions of people.

Authority of the Crowd

In the same way a busy restaurant benefits from social proof, Reddit’s voting system lends social proof and the “wisdom of the crowd” to popular posts and comments. Where people used to turn to blogs or news sites, audiences today use Reddit to find more diverse points of view ranked by the votes of users like them.

Reddit as an Ongoing Source of Search Traffic

Search interest by social media platform in the US.

Beyond the immediate traffic from these communities, Reddit posts get hundreds of millions of unique monthly visitors from search. Reddit’s large audience, combined with the social proof given by its voting system, has made it the primary destination to find out more about any topic.

As consumers trust reviews on sites like Amazon and Google less, many are turning to Reddit as a trusted source for real opinions on brands and products with the added social proof provided by its voting system. This is particularly true in high-ticket and niche topics. Since 2020, Reddit has been the number one social network used in Google searches.

While businesses tend to focus on direct SEO, i.e. ranking their pages for target keywords, Reddit can be more effective at actually converting customers. This is for three reasons:

  1. Reddit is highly trusted by Google: this allows it to rank for competitive keywords much higher (and much faster) than almost any other website.
  2. Reddit is more trusted by users: as a result, they’re far more likely to click on a Reddit result on Google. According to Google’s SVP of Search, more Google users have started actively seeking out results only from Reddit. 90%+ of Reddit users said they trust the site to learn about brands and products.
  3. Social Proof: The social proof of a highly upvoted post or comment recommending a brand/service makes it uniquely trusted.

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