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How It Works

CrowdValence lets you monitor posts mentioning any keywords or combinations of keywords you choose. We then filter those posts for those that match specific contexts relevant to your business.

Let’s say you’re looking for posts that mention any of your competitors for opportunities to highlight your tool’s unique advantages. Entering your competitors’ names as keywords to monitor is a good place to start. Below, we can see the results of searching for “Twilio” on Reddit. Only one of those posts is a strong fit to promote your Twilio alternative. For many of the most lucrative keywords, you’ll find 10:1 or even 100:1 ratios of fluff to actionable posts.

Advanced Filtering

Keyword Operators

While social listening apps like Google Alerts and Sprout Social can easily find and notify you of posts mentioning specific keywords, there are a number of limits to that approach. You can go granular, entering your specific brand name for example, and risk missing out on all but those posters already aware of and discussing your brand.

Yet even the best known brand names like “Apple” can show up in contexts irrelevant to the brand, like “Apple pie” that simple keyword monitoring doesn’t distinguish from those truly relevant. To prevent this, CrowdValence offers search filters and operators designed specifically for Reddit. These include:

  1. Negative keywords: allowing you to filter out keywords or phrases often in posts irrelevant to your use case (like “Apple pie” or “food” for Apple).
  2. Subreddit filters: allowing you to filter for posts in specific subreddit(s).
  3. Exact phrase matches: allowing you to include, or exclude, posts featuring multi-word phrases (e.g. excluding posts with the phrase “Apple pie” while still being able to see posts discussing “Pie charts on Apple’s Slides” for example).

Reddit Specific Operators

Additionally, we’ve built in Reddit specific operators to filter posts beyond their keyword content. This includes minimum upvote, comment, relevance (continued below), and age filters. For example, if you want to monitor only particularly popular posts mentioning certain keywords, simply set a minimum comment and/or upvote threshold to filter out those that are less popular.

Context Is Key

As humans, we can easily understand that the first, third, and fourth posts above are talking about investors and recruitment, and not relevant to sharing a Twilio alternative. While you could theoretically include hundreds of negative keywords in your search (like excluding any posts that mention “stock” or “interview”), that becomes a constant balancing act of excluding or including too many.

Other kinds of irrelevant posts might have no obvious keyword patterns to exclude. This is particularly true for non-branded keywords like “SMS API” where posts using the exact same keywords could span the full range of relevance (and irrelevance) to your marketing and monitoring goals.

To overcome this, CrowdValence lets you describe exactly the kind of posts that are relevant to your goals. Specifically, you can do so in natural human language, like in the example below:

Our system then processes each post to measure, in its full context, to what extent it is or is not relevant to your goals.

Based on your Campaign Settings, we’ll automatically check for and email you the best opportunities for your criteria as they appear. That automatic checking allows you to be sure you receive and can act on opportunities while they’re still fresh.

Summaries and Responses

If you’re simply looking for backward-looking insights or data like what problems customers are having with your competitors’ questions, keyword and contextual filters alone can do an excellent job.

On the other hand, goals like converting new customers and improving brand awareness by engaging with popular posts requires action. Specifically, creating timely, relevant, and engaging responses that your audiences read and respond to.

Using the same technology we use to measure and filter for the posts most relevant to your specific goals, CrowdValence also suggests responses designed to achieve those goals. To save you the time of poring over every long thread that comes your way, CrowdValence succinctly summarizes each post, allowing you decide how and whether to respond in seconds.

Where responding to the post fits with your goals, CrowdValence will suggest responses adapted to the tone of the post and your brand, that you can either post or adapt as needed.

Have Further Questions?

We’re still in Beta, and constantly developing new features requested by our users. If you have questions about how to use CrowdValence for your use case, or a specific feature that would improve your workflow, feel free to get in touch here.

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